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Sustainable Tourism: Is it an Oxymoron?

One of my favourite words, a word which instantly takes me back to my English GCSE studies, is oxymoron. We make oxymorons by combining contradictory words: icy hot, deafening silence, honest politician… But how does this term relate to sustainable tourism? Can’t tourism and sustainability work together?

Let’s take an imaginary scenario. I have decided to travel abroad, but want to ensure that my trip is done “sustainably”. After much googling – and plenty of map referencing, given the far-flung countries that crop up – I decide upon Costa Rica. With its unspoilt rainforest and fiercely-protected wildlife, it would appear to tick all the sustainable boxes. Even better, it is soon to become the world’s first carbon-neutral country. My carbon footprint, on the other hand, is far from neutral.

And herein lies the problem. Sustainable tourism is, by its very nature, an oxymoron. Our everyday carbon footprint pales in comparison to that generated by air travel. Flying to Central America to cycle through nature reserves is not, by any definition, sustainable. So what is the imaginary me – the one with the finances for such a trip – to do? Should I change my plans and, in so doing, stay true to my sustainable goals? Or should I brush my reservations under the carpet and do the trip anyway?

Perhaps counterintuitively – and here, each to their own – I might opt for the latter. Sustainable tourism is, above all, a flight of the mind. It is about learning new practices and seeking to adopt or adapt them to our own lives. It is a journey to be continued once home, as we seek to promote the cause of sustainability wherever possible. Sustainable tourism need not be an oxymoron.

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Colin Innes

I specialise in language education, having taught in the UK, France and Japan. However, in recent years, I have begun to write about environmental issues. I passionately believe in promoting awareness of environmentally-friendly practices, both small-scale and large, and I look forward to sharing my research of sustainable innovations from across the globe.

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