Emoticash: Finance With Feeling

We live in a digital age and, it seems, innovations and creations are being unleashed on us daily.

Last week, London based next-gen creatives, Superimpose Studio, has expanded into new territory by launching a new concept from its new proprietary currency, Emoticash.

Emoticash aims to enhance the lives of modern day consumers by promoting the exchange of authentic human emotional reactions and expression for wellbeing-focused goods and services. The currency integrates ground-breaking emotion-detection software into its platform, with an aim toward uniting brands and businesses with their customers in a new affect economy. Users of Emoticash will have the opportunity to accumulate spendable currency through their everyday interactions, earning Emoticash for genuine responses to brand experiences, whether positive or negative.

Ultimately, the initiative’s aims are twofold; firstly, to empower brands by connecting them with genuine user responses to their goods and services; and secondly, to enhance consumers’ quality of life by encouraging them to share real opinions in exchange for greater purchasing power.

Who knew, finance might have found some feelings?

About Superimpose Studio

Superimpose Studio is a next generation creative studio challenging brands to go further. Launched in 2014 by Ollie Olanipekun and Toby Evans, the studio turned agency offers insight, strategy and creative services to the world’s most progressive brands, connecting them to the new consumer.

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