Jasper Cresdee-Hyde

Jasper is a freelance filmmaker, photographer and writer based in London. At the ripe young age of 18, he's got 3 short films, a mockumentary, 6 sketches, a LEGO stop-motion and a music video to his name, as well as dozens of vlogs and video essays made from the comfort of his own bedroom. He's the ex-E-I-C of Unleash The Fanboy, where he wrote and edited well over 1,000 articles and editorials about film, TV and pop culture, and oversaw a punchy, biting, profanity-fuelled movie blog which attracted thousands of monthly visitors. Jasper is, principally, a writer/director, yet he's also passionate about politics and social justice, with particular interests in education, the welfare state, and how the worlds of pop culture and politics intersect. Jasper would also like to clarify that he definitely didn't write this, and he definitely didn't feel extremely smug after definitely-not-writing-this.


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