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The Youth Lead The Charge On Protecting The Environment

London, UK

When Greta Thunberg missed school for the first time to strike outside the Swedish Parliament, it was just one girl wanting to make a difference. Nine months later and hundreds of thousands of youths across the world stand alongside her, protesting in the name of the environment.

The School Strike for Climate Change is the epitome of hope for the future. It shows us that there is a passionate generation prepared to do far more than those before them and they are here to point a firm finger at the ones that need to treat climate change for what it is, a climate crisis.

Naysayers will have their opinions but let’s not forget that many of these students are in the middle of exams and are armed with a simple and inarguable ethos; ‘why should I go to school when you are putting my future in jeopardy?’

Though Greta herself has said she doesn’t want leaders to be ‘hopeful’, this inspirational movement shows us that the future, with young people like this ready to take our place, is looking a little brighter – and here are some of the best photos from Friday’s Global Strike for Climate to prove it:

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I am a freelance copywriter from Newcastle upon Tyne. I love writing about issues that encourages us to act, particularly when it comes to the environment. I’m passionate about promoting the power of the individual and how many of us can make a positive difference just by doing our own bit. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me eating copious amounts of vegan food and then attempting to walk it off somewhere in the great outdoors.

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