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Green Thumb Meets Sweet Tooth

Amborella Organics

Hankering for something sweet this summer? Well then look no further than Amborella Organics.  Created with the intention of giving back as much as they receive, Brennan Clarke and Taylor Morgan conceptualized Amborella Organics in 2011.  They set out to produce organic candy with refreshing ingredients like “turmeric and carrot natural dyes” and these delicious pops are just that.  Select lollipops, like the champagne & roses and the lavender & lemongrass, contain edible flowers as well as a hint of herbs.  The lollipop sticks also consist of bio-degradable material, e.g. recycled paper, allowing it to decompose properly and re-grow.

They have a variety of flavors including champagne & roses, sage & marshmallow, lavender & lemongrass, lemon & thyme, vanilla & hibiscus, peach & marigold, and rosemary & mint.  Each seed-baring lollipop contains seeds that correspond to the herb flavor of the candy, so that when the stick is planted into the ground, the corresponding herb will grow.  Listed on the website are the herbs that’ll grow from each lollipop stick; vanilla & hibiscus and champagne & roses are the only two whose flavors don’t match-up with their corresponding herb or flower (vanilla & hibiscus sprouts Baby Blue Eye’s and champagne & roses sprouts Rosetta Cosmos).

These fresh lollipops can be purchased individually for $2.25 each or in a bundle, the smallest starting at $27 for 12 lollipops.  Amborella Organics even details the proper way to plant the lollipop sticks.  Once the candy of your choice has been eaten, you’ll take the lollipop stick and plant it into the ground horizontally and make sure to “water daily (Rain Capture Technology Encouraged)”.  Give the seeds some time to develop or geminate and once they have, slowly they’ll start to sprout into herbs or edible flowers-depending on the purchased lollipop flavor.  They can then be used to garnish any meals.  Amborella also encourages posting any sprouted herbs or flowers on social media with the hashtag “#digit”.