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How You Can Help The Indonesia Earthquake And Tsunami Victims

On September 28th, 2018 an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.5 and a 20 foot tsunami devastated the eastern island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia. More than 2,000 persons have been reported killed. More people are severely injured, homeless, devastated, and in need of help. A few months on after the initial earthquake, the people of Indonesia are still in need of relief and refuge. If you would like to help those who have been impacted by this disaster, please take a look at the organizations and charities below.

Here’s how you can help:

Mercy Crops is an organization with members on the ground right now. They are dedicated to providing medical assistance, rebuilding, supporting mothers with feeding their babies, improving the quality of water, and deploying emergency response teams. Mercy Crops has been working in Indonesia for over 20 years.

Unicef is working to provide clean water, as well as help children who have been separated from their families. A lot of children have been left as orphans after this devastation.

International Medical Corps is a group based in Los Angeles and they have been working in Indonesia since 2002. Their emergency response team is on the ground and their goal is to provide shelter, clean water, food, medicine, psychological support, and more, to as many persons as they can.

World Vision is on a mission to relieve as many urgent needs as they can. They have staff on the ground and are providing food, water, and other relief items. World Vision aims to provide as many supplies as they can, while helping families to recover and rebuild.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief – This group is planning to aid with long term relief, as well as the immediate needs of the people of Indonesia.

Care was founded in 1945. Their teams are aiming to distribute drinking water, emergency hygiene kits, and sanitary napkins for women.

Save the Children is aiming to protect vulnerable children and provide them with essentials, such as food, clean water, and shelter.

Humanity & Inclusion by donating to this group you are helping to provide emergency medical care, essential supplies, and psychosocial support.

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia aims to aid those in need with housing, shelter, and living quarters. With this group you can donate, as well as volunteer.

The Indonesian Red Cross is on the ground helping with food, water, shelter, and psychosocial support to children.

These are just a few of the charities and organizations that are assisting Indonesia with aid and relief during this difficult time. It is advised to research any charity or organization that you may like to donate to. You can use the website Charity Navigator before donating. Charity Navigator grades charities based on financial health, transparency, and accountability.