Smile Squared

The World Needs More Smiles

The average child smiles hundreds of times every day – a sign of health and happiness. So, what happens when children are denied access to basic oral health care? In the developing world, basic healthcare is limited, and this extends to oral health too.

When Smile Squared founders were working at a dental clinic in Guatemala, it dawned on them that many children in the local community couldn’t afford a toothbrush. Children sometimes opened their mouths to reveal around 15 gaping cavities in their mouth, affecting not only their health but also their self-esteem.

Working within a highly competitive market, Smile Squared set its sights on doing something a little different. As well as producing uniquely designed toothbrushes, travel journals and travel pouches, the company endeavours to effect change on the provision of oral healthcare in developing countries.

As the name suggests, Smile Squared uses the “buy one give one” business model to send its toothbrushes to every corner of the world. With every toothbrush purchased through Smile Squared, one toothbrush will make its way to a child in need. Featured in The Oprah Magazine, InStyle, WholeLiving and other renowned publications, the company is growing in popularity and becoming better positioned to help more children in poverty.

Having operated under this model since 2011, Smile Squared has made donations to over 25 different countries worldwide. With oral health affecting health, nutrition, education, social development and more – there is no doubt that the company is creating more than just smiles.

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