Sustainable Living

Bouqs: Flowers That Give Back

If you’re looking for delivered flowers that do more good than they do harm, then look no further.  Bouqs, established in 2012, was created with that specific goal in mind.  Partnering with local and international farmers, Bouqs sets out to eliminate as much waste as possible.  Unlike typical flower delivery services, which can waste “1 out of every 3 stems”, the farmers associated with Bouqs cut their flower stems the day of the delivery and only as much as needed.  This reduces flower waste and contributes to a more eco-friendly alternative.

In addition to the reduction of waste, Bouqs has partnered with international farmers, in areas like Colombia, and Ecuador, to promote green and sustainable farms worldwide.  These flowers are given room to breathe and thrive in spacious plains of land, situated in sunny South America.  Purchase a gorgeous set of multi-colored solomios from Colombia or, if you’re wanting something more vibrant, go for a bundle of crimson roses straight from Ecuador.      

Searching for a quick, local flower delivery? They also have farms in California that offer same-day delivery.  With options ranging from sophisticated, white mini callas to sunny yellow tulips to even cotton-candy coloured peonies, Bouqs puts the art in artisan flowers.  They also offer a little insight into the farmer you’ll be purchasing your bouquet of flowers from, showcasing their background and familial ties to farming.  

Bouqs, while providing a one-time purchase, offers a subscription to fresh flowers, sent bi-weekly or monthly or set for specific holidays and special occasions, like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and/or anniversaries.  Backed by their “100% Happiness Guaranty” policy, Bouqs also promises to showcase honest prices with no last-minute or hidden fees.  There are no gimmicks with this green flower company, no frills, no last minute teddy-bears or edible arrangements.  Just wholesome flowers, that are sure to feel as good as they look.