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Coffee That Changes Lives

What if something you do every morning could change someone’s life? That’s the idea behind Change Please – the little coffee cart with big plans.

Though it may look like just another contender in London’s emerging street food scene, Change Please works a little differently. To work here, you must be friendly, reliable, a quick learner and – most importantly – homeless.

The Change Please programme empowers London’s homeless population through professional barista training, whilst also supporting them with housing and bank accounts. The baristas are paid the London Living Wage, enabling them to begin saving money during their time on the programme. After six months with Change Please, each barista will be fully equipped to move on to other employment, leaving an opening for somebody else to join the programme.

In an age where people are more likely to scroll through the news on their phone than pick up a copy of The Big Issue for their commute home, this venture is a step forwards in the world of ethical consumption. Every coffee purchased at a Change Please cart helps to support the programme, and companies can make wholesale purchases of Change Please coffee or book their catering services. This isn’t just any coffee, either – the specialty beans are carefully sourced, and the Change Please baristas are trained to make the perfect cup every time.

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