Sustainable Living

Sunshine State Goes Solar

Tallahassee, the bustling capital of Florida, has recently taken steps towards being clean and more eco-friendly.  The construction of one of the largest solar-panel farms in the state, will begin later this year.  As solar farms have become a more implemented use of renewable energy, Tallahassee hopes this clean form of energy will help to reduce the use of less green methods of energy, e.g. coal and reduce natural gas emissions.  The City Commissioners have stated that the 20 megawatt solar farm will “be capable of powering 3,400 homes and businesses in the Capital”.  TalGov customers, meaning residents who pay their electricity bill through the City of Tallahassee, can choose how much of their electric they’d like to be powered by the solar farm; options include, 25%, 50%, and 100%.

Attempting to keep clean energy costs at a minimal level, customers who choose this alternative for their electric billing, will only pay “5 cents per kilowatt in leu of the cost of natural gas”.  These prices will be fixed for the next 20 years, ensuring that solar-powered energy remains accessible for a long interval of time.  In addition to the larger farm, a second smaller farm (40 MW) will also begin construction in the near future as well.  Combined, these farms are set to produce “more than 30 times the amount of solar energy being produced in Tallahassee today”.

If you’re currently living in Tallahassee, or are planning to move in the near future, simply go to the TalGov page and click the “Sign Up For Solar” tab to begin enrolling today.  Not only is this option available for residential customers, the City of Tallahassee is providing an option for commercial customers as well; making clean energy an achievable goal for companies and businesses.  Customers of City of Tallahassee will also not be billed for these services until the construction of the solar farm has been completed, which is set for some time in late Fall of 2017.