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Towels That Make a Difference

Sand Cloud Towels

You might have spotted these boho-chic towels and blankets on your social media feed, but not everybody knows that there’s more to Sand Cloud Towels than meets the eye. Steven Ford, Bruno Aschimanini and Brandon Leibel – the company’s co-founders – were drawn together by one common goal: to protect the ocean that they love so dearly.

The California natives grew up by the sea, and this shared attachment to the water drove their vision from the get-go. Unlike many organisations that begin to make charitable donations upon success, Sand Cloud’s philanthropic side has been part of the company’s vision from day one.

The ‘Buy to Give’ business model has been making waves in recent years, with plenty of conscious start-ups looking to make a difference as well as a profit. Companies like Sand Cloud empower shoppers to make ethical consumption choices, and to actively direct their disposable income towards a worthy cause. Sand Cloud has pledged a full-time commitment to preserving and improving marine life – and by donating 10% of every sale to its partner charities; it is promising that every happy customer is doing their part to look after the ocean.

Sand Cloud’s partners – known as “stewards of the ocean” – are dedicated to improving many different dimensions of marine life preservation. Whether they organise beach clean-ups, fight for policy changes or arrange activism events, they commit 100% of Sand Cloud’s donations to their cause. Meanwhile, passionate individual ambassadors do their part by promoting Sand Cloud’s products and attracting new customers.

With USD$1m in sales under their belt in 2016, and an estimated $7m in sales for 2017, Sand Cloud is setting its sights high. The company’s slogan reads, “We make towels that make a difference” – and with a projected environmental giveback of $1m this year, this much is certainly true.