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Fashion For Good

Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash

Recently, a friend of mine went to volunteer in Calais, sorting clothes to give to refugees. Whilst there, he managed to pick up a beautiful navy jacket, complete with silk lining and a silver coat chain for €5. But here’s the thing – it was worth €600. I hear you – surely there is a more effective way of raising money? Well, a new online clothing store is looking to do just that.

Thrift+ understands the second-hand clothing industry differently to charity shops, allowing you to donate and purchase clothes online in a way that creates an effective positive impact:

Efficiency. By recognizing the true value of quality items and pricing them accordingly, Thrift+ fixes the €600 for €5 predicament, allowing each item to generate more profit.

Increased demand. For those who love fashion, designers, and appreciate quality, vintage shops and online clothing stores are great places to get what you’re after. By specializing in high quality and designer pieces whilst allowing you to choose a charity to donate to, Thrift+ reaches a wider audience, encouraging more people to choose the charity based option.

Increased supply. Thrift+ do all the hard work. From collecting the clothes at your door, to taking pictures, posting online and delivering your items. It get’s even better as Thrift+ also gift you 25% of the profit of your goods as credit when you donate, creating an incentive to donate instead of selling on a profit-only basis whilst encouraging donors who might have bought first-hand items, to instead follow a more ethical route of consumption.

Still in its infancy, this social enterprise’s success will be largely dependent on the level of donations provided by the public. Whatever the future holds, I know where I’ll be looking before trekking to a vintage shop.