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Festival Nomade

A Fusion of Art, Music and Sustainability

Waking up adorned with DIY glow-stick jewellery, one mud encrusted wellington boot and the echo of steady bass resonating in our eardrums is something us British festival-goers have all experienced. As we trudge towards the nearest van selling overpriced breakfast baps, akin to a glitter-fied zombie out of The Walking Dead, a hazy recollection of lasers, lights and loud music flood our memory. Next step, swiftly roll up our sleeping bags and pack up our tents. Get ready to embark on a sleepy journey home, leaving nothing but discarded beer cans.

Festival Nomade

Imagine a different scenario. You wake up, still sporting a DIY glow-stick headband, but bare-foot and to the symphony of flutes, pipes and synthesizers. As you stroll towards a food stand brimming with traditional Chilean delicacies, you let the sand seep between your toes and a hazy recollection of bongo drums, dancing and learning about different cultures floods your memory. Next step, pack up your backpack and put on your hiking boots. Get ready to embark on a trek through a tropical jungle, leaving nothing but footprints behind. There are few festivals quite like Festival Nomade.

Festival objectives

Festival Nomade is located in the wilderness of Southern Chile. Set in a biologically diverse location home to many indigenous communities, the objective of Festival Nomade is to promote Latin America’s cultural roots. The first few days are dedicated to sustainability workshops and constructing infrastructure that will remain and benefit the local families. In the evenings, festival participants will be invited to cook local dishes alongside women of the community. Through ethno-tourism, this will generate awareness of local traditions and diversify sources of income for the indigenous peoples.

How to get there

Far away from any large, cosmopolitan cities, Festival Nomade takes place in areas where life still runs according to ancestral beginnings. With no public transportation links, a 10 km hike alongside stunning views, beaches and tropical jungles is the only way to get there. Wading through nature, it is advisable to carry only essentials as you will discover the untouched trails that have never succumbed to anything man-made.


A range of outdoor activities such as yoga and acroyoga will be held throughout the day to encourage consciousness and connections with the surrounding nature. Water activities such as snorkelling and kayaking will also be offered to experience the wonders of crystal clear waters. Taking the opportunity to submerge yourself in an underground world, you will discover life full of corals and colours. Working alongside authentic and conscious people, beach cleaning in teams will also be conducted to protect the hosting landscape. Any useful materials found may be kept, allowing creativity to seek new ways in which discarded items can be given new life.


Characteristic of showcasing artists that create sounds oriented towards salvaging Latin American roots, you will be surrounded by a concoction of flutes, pipes, sound machines and synthesizers.  Mix in a combination of sounds of the world and you will find yourself dancing to an electrifying music set with artists from Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru and the USA. This mutual exchange of learning and teaching between different cultures alongside international musical talent promises to be worthy of a place on anyone’s festival bucket list.