Social Justice

We Make Change

In Monbiot’s ‘Out of the Wreckage’ he explains how people are in large, naturally altruists, and by ‘recognising our good nature and coming together to express it, we can overcome the multiple crises we face that cannot be solved alone’.

But. Put up your hand if you’ve ever felt passionate about something, written an angry tweet or complained to your friends about something wicked going on in the world right now. Okay… So, what did you do about it (apart from maybe sign a few petitions)? Don’t be disheartened. In 2018, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a way that allows you to easily and effectively contribute to a cause you care about. Well, until now.

‘We Make Change’ (WMC) – a very fitting name – is looking to change the norm (along with many other things) of how issues are tackled, and how people can help. The new non-profit is working on a platform to bring people and NGO’s together all over the globe, offering a new way of approaching and overcoming the wide-ranging issues that face us today.

Let’s take a look at the people:

When you sign up to WMC, you become a Changemaker volunteer. Being a Changemaker allows you to join existing projects, or propose your own idea for a project, with the aim of creating positive change. The formula that WMC have concocted is based on the fact that we all have something to offer – with different skills, mindsets, passions and experiences. By utilising different strengths and coming together, amazing work can be achieved. Because of the flexibility that WMC allow, you can give as much or as little time as you can, allowing everyone –  from students to full-time professionals – to be part of a cause they care about.

The involvement in projects means that not only is it more noticeable how your efforts are helping (which with other things, such as donating money, is nearly impossible to do), but also means that experience can be gained and understanding can be increased about the causes you work on – allowing you to be better equipped to make even more change!

And now, the NGO’s:

It’s no secret that not everyone is a fan of donating money – and though it has its place, it ignores people that still care about causes but don’t want to (or can’t) give money. It’s strange to see the lack of a simple alternative. But because NGOs have access to Changemakers – this is changed. They now benefit from an abundance of skills and innovative ideas. This is especially useful as NGOs often have specific projects where extra help is needed for a specific amount of time.

And together, the projects:

WMC have projects that are formed either by people proposing ideas that turn into projects through working with other Changemakers with the same passion, or by NGOs submitting their projects to WMC, where Changemakers can join them. The platform launched recently and there are a number of live projects.

Setting an example – the WMC core team has already proved that great work can be achieved this way, with a global team made up of people from 13 different countries, using the same online platforms that the Changemakers and NGOs use.

So, this all sounds pretty great, right? Who knows. If Monbiot’s words have any truth – this platform could be a fantastic tool in the journey to improving our future. I guess the best way to find out, would be to sign up yourself and see what happens.