Social Justice

London Migration Film Festival 2017

The London Migration Film Festival (LMFF) is moving into its second year, and it feels like its arrival at the end of November is much needed. From 30 November – 5 December, LMFF will be showcasing a range of feature-length, short and documentary films on the diverse topic of migration, aiming to provide nuanced artistic expression of the complex relationships that arise from human movement — whether voluntary or not.

Whilst being inclusive of the pertinent refugee experience, LMFF goes much further in projecting the voices of disparate migrant experiences. From a young woman returning home to South Africa in Moeti’s The Virgin Vegan to a Chinese woman’s emigration journey to Argentina in Wohlatz’s El Futuro Perfecto, a range of voices are explored in this year’s LMFF to ensure that these stories are told on a platform accessible to all, going some way in rejecting inaccurate political discourse and deconstructing overly simplistic narratives.

The launch of LMFF 2017 arrives at a pivotal time as divisive domestic policy in the UK combined with a sense of increasingly isolationist approaches to foreign policy across the world have posited the issue of migration, borders and security at the heart of political debate. This is by no means a recent trend and has indeed been a tool routinely used to detract from other seemingly intractable challenges. However, cultural expression remains an irrepressible tool to empower and celebrate the diversity of community, especially in London as a hub of migrant experiences from across the world.

LMFF 2017 will also be showcasing DJs, dancers, and a range of ethical organisations including Chatterbox and the New Internationalist. The opening gala of the festival will be a great networking opportunity for those looking to learn more from experts in the migration field, as well as meeting people in the charity sector and those focused on socially responsible filmmaking – so book your tickets now!